Bagasse Ash

Bagasse Ash/ Sugarcane Ash

Bagasse ash being a waste material of sugar manufacturing industry. It is a powder form material similar to fly ash, but particle shape of these two materials is different. Its color is generally black due to burning process and presence of unburnt carbon particles.


1) Fertilizer: 

Bagasse Ash is used as an organic fertilizer and soil conditioner
with NPK in calcareous soil. Bagasse ash is rich in micronutrients like Fe, Mn, Zn and Cu and also contained sufficient amount of Ca, Mg, Na, S, K and P. Consequently, total porosity of soil, available P, S and K, Fe, Mn, Zn and Cu content in soil increases with the levels of bagasse ash application.

It also improves water solubility when mixed with other fertilizers and acts as an insecticide also.

2) Portland Cement

Because of the crystalline structure and amorphous silica content in the bagasse ash makes a suitable cement replacement material in concrete

3) Paper Industry

Bagasse is also used as a raw material for paper making because of its fibrous texture

Chemical Composition:
Oxide Range Unit
SiO2: 56.7~58.0 %
Total K2O: 3.1~3.3 %
FeO3: 4.6~15.5 %
Al2O3: 6.8~9.7 %
CaO: 9.3~13.7 %
MgO: 4.5~5.9 %
LOI: 6.4~8.7 %
Moisture: 20~25 %