Magnesite-Magnesium Carbonate Mine

Magnesite ( Magnesium Carbonate)

Magnesite is a mineral that has rich deposits all over Pakistan. Large quantities of magnesite are burnt to make magnesium oxide: an important refractory material used as a lining in blast furnaces, kilns and incinerators.

We can offer:

Grade 1: 
MgO 47%min
Sio2 0.3% max
Cao 1.3% max
Fe2o3 0.01% max
LOI >50%
Grade 2:
MgO 44%min
Sio2 1.5% max
Cao 1.9% max
Fe2o3 0.59% max
LOI >48%


  1. Our Magnesium Carbonate is used in ceramics as a rolling engobe (Backwash Powder) and Glazing
  2. Its used for the production of Magnesium Sulfate
  3. Fertilizers
  4. Animal feed
  5. Glass
  6. For production of calcined and dead burnt magnesite
  7. For carving
  8. For Water treatment

Form: We can supply in Raw(Bulk) form and in powder(upto 325 Mesh) form as well.

We also offer Calcined and Dead burnt Magnesite.


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Magnesite Lab report