Magnesium Oxide/ Calcined Magnesite

Magnesium Oxide/ Calcined Magnesium Oxide

Caustic Calcined Magnesia (CCM) also known as Light Calcined Magnesite (LCM) is a highly reactive form of magnesium oxide produced by calcination of Magnesite Ore at relatively low temperatures (>1000 °C).

Grade Available:

Caustic calcined magnesia is available in a wide range of different purities (typically 85-95% MgO) and particle sizes. 


Construction of industrial floors (sorelcement)

Animal feed


Magnesium carrier in fertilizers

Production of paper and pulp

Wastewater treatment

Fuel additive


Food additives


Sugar refining

Polymer additives




Form: We can supply in granular form and in powder(upto 325 Mesh) form as well.



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