1) Detailed Mine Survey

It includes all measurements, calculations and mapping which serve the purpose of ascertaining and documenting information at all stages from prospecting to exploitation and utilizing mineral deposits both by surface and underground working.

mining survey 1

2) Mine Sampling


The Objective of mine sampling is to determine the grade of the ore exposed in a mine, and thereby lead to an estimation of the assay-value and tonnage of the ore body. The estimation of the tonnage and assay-value of an ore deposit is an attempt to put into exact figures the result of inexact work.

3) Mine Development

The process of constructing a mining facility and the infrastructure to support the facility.

Our Mine development process may involves activities such as:

  • The preparation of the mine site by clearing trees and blasting rock
  • The construction of mining facilities such as head frames, administration buildings or mechanical shops
  • The creation of infrastructure such as power lines and substations, roads or water lines
mine development

4) Transportation from Mine

Transportation logistics and transportation costs play a significant role in the feasibility and sustainability of a mining venture.

We carry out transportation prefeasibility study to investigate different options for the transportation of equipment, supplies and people for the establishment and operational phases of the planned mine.


5) Quality Management

After the material arrives from our mines we start the process of

1) Sorting
2) Cleaning
3) crushing

to as to ensure our promise of our superior and unprecedented quality.


6) Shipment Inspection

It is a part of our supply chain management and an important quality control method for checking the quality of goods our clients buy from us. The inspection company is mutually decided between us and our clients.


7) Shipment

After we have ensured the quality of material as per our standards and clients requirements, we carry out shipment of goods in the packaging as agreed between us and the client.

shipment 2