Natural Quartz Lumps

Quantity: 1000

SiO2: 97%

Packaging: Loose

Price: 62 FOB Karachi

Grossular Jade

A rare and 20 tons big rough grossular jade stone, perfect for carving

1 block 20 ton
2 blocks 500kg each

Barite Lump


Barite Applications:

1. As a weighting agent for drilling fluids in oil and gas exploration.
2. Used in the car, electronics, TV screen, rubber, and glass ceramics and paint industry.
3. As surface smear for photographic paper and calendered paper; as sizing agent for textile industry.
4. As clarifying agent for glass products.
5. Radiation shielding and medical applications; also used for ceramics, enamel, perfumes and pigments.


Density : 3.8-4.4 gr/cm3
Barium Sulphate: 90+
Low Fe Content
Lump form
5000 MT per month
Price: USD 52 FOB